stephen o mazlum

creative designs

Who Am I?

     Over 20 years of experience modeling 3D for both personal use as well as for corporate use. Skilled Editor experienced in creative development, production and post-production of traditional, computer animation, video and digital effects projects. Experienced with a variety of software including, Lightwave, Eduis, Photoshop, Premiere, Photo Plus, Web Plus, WordPress, Open Office and Blender as well as 3D Slicer software.

     I own a FDM printer and a SLA printer. Which is useful for rapid prototyping and troubleshooting. Also experienced in building custom computers for video production needs as well as troubleshooting problem systems.

     While I Drive a bus at ASU, I’m constantly looking for ways to push my creativity. Sometimes I find something interesting and look for a way to make something happen. Other times I see a need and work to find a solution. When I don’t have the knowledge to do what I need to do, I work expand my skill set. Above all I treat every project with passion and I am driven to the point of obsession for my ideals.